field trip

field trip

field trip
Monday 5th March 2012

I have been keeping this one pretty close to my chest for a while but I can finally announce that Australian Infront and Jacky Winter have joined forces to put together a conference like any other called Field Trip. How so you say? Glad you asked. You see, creative conferences are a neat way to meet some of your heroes and learn more about them, but we couldn’t help but feel that some conferences were lacking in, ah, fibre.

While it's all well and good to hear from your favourite designers and the like in terms of their process, influences, and portfolio, we wanted to dig a little deeper. So often you look at a speaker’s mind bending work and all you want to know is “how the hell did they make that?”

Come to Field Trip and you’ll find out. Actually, we’ll do you one better and show you.

Through live video feeds and screencasts, the audience will gain a direct insight into the tools, processes, and thoughts of some of the most successful commercial artists working in Australia today.

Field Trip
April 20 2012 @ ACMI in Melbourne.
Tickets are on sale now.

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